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Hass Avocadosfor a healthy life!

Welcome to Aztec Pride, a small consumer and customer oriented avocado export company, dedicated to a select group of customers, in Europe and North America.

Because we are small we have the ability to offer personalized service. Our Mexican grown avocados are carefully chosen to fulfill each client?s special needs, which can differ from country to country. As you browse through the site you will understand why we can compete effectively and bring personalized service to you.

We invite you to navigate through the sections dedicated to avocado lovers in general, with some interesting facts about the avocado industry plus a collection of recipes to stimulate your palate.

Featured Articles

Consumption patterns per capita per country

Mexico is by far the main consumer of avocados worldwide. They have been consumed by the Mexican population way before the Europeans arrived. The United States as a country is the second largest consumer although on a per capita basis...